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2 CAMPBELL DRIVE is a residential development located in the lower side of Umhlanga within walking distance to Umhlanga's best swimming beaches. 2 CAMPBELL DRIVE, a residential development that is being developed by ARDAIN COMMERCIAL,  is unlike any other residential development in Umhlanga. The development will comprise of only eight 950sqm 'penthouse style' apartments making it highly exclusive and will set it apart from the market.

2 CAMPBELL DRIVE will set a new precedent for residential development in Umhlanga. Unlike other residential developments in Umhlanga, 2 CAMPBELL DRIVE will not be intended for the holiday accommodation market. The apartments are designed for the those upmarket residents that are looking for an international standard of design and quality where emphasis has been put on the excellence in design, materials, quality of space and finishes.

The Apartments will be hugely luxurious with unobstructed panoramic views of the ocean. High ceilings with floor to ceiling double-glazing will flood the large open plan spaces in natural light and ventilation. Although technically the residences are constructed as apartments the emphasis has been to design 'houses in the sky' that will still offer the same security and convenience of 'lock up and go' that a traditional apartment offers. The design of the apartments allows for huge double volume spaces, large openings to private gardens, private roof top decks with pools and entertaining facilities that you would usually expect to find in an expensive high end house. Everything has been designed with a sense of luxury, quality, privacy and exclusivity.

In order to meet the specific needs of the individual buyer, the architects have designed different configurations of the internal layout of each apartment. Therefore a buyer can choose whether they would like two, three or four bedrooms within their apartment. The overall size of the apartments doesn't change with the different bedroom configurations, meaning that configurations with fewer bedrooms will have hugely generous living space or an extra study, media room or library. If a buyer just wants to purchase the 'shell' of the apartment so that their private interior designers or architects can customize their interior completely then we have made allowances for that. There will be allowances for all the finishes within the apartment allowing huge flexibility for the buyer.

The development is also unlike others in that it will be structured as a cost plus development. This means that the financial aspects of the development will be open to the investors and the standard highly inflated profits one would usually expect from the developers will not exist. This will bring the selling price of the units well below their true market value. The motivation for the developer is to buy and live in one of the eight apartments, therefore the focus is more on a quality end product than a financial gain.

We see the 2 CAMPBELL DRIVE development as setting a new precedent in the high end residential market in Umhlanga brining a new level of quality architecture and design to the area that one would usually only expect to find on Clifton beach In Cape Town or Hyde Park in Johannesburg.

These units are currently available for sale. Please contact ARDAIN COMMERCIAL for any further enquiries.

Author: Matthew Ardain

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